About us


Meet the Owner

Hi, I’m LATASHA REYNOLDS founder and CEO  of Art in Party. I have been living in Houston for 14 years and I am originally from New Orleans, La by way of Hurricane Katrina. Yes I know I might be considered a Houstonian but home is where the heart is. Go Saints!!! 

I started this company because of my passion of entertaining. Having a new found gift that was discovered of drawing, I thought, why not combine the two. The idea came about after many days of my daughter bringing home drawings and sitting home for hours in one spot drawing and coloring. So I thought kids would love this. What I thought was going to be a company catered to children only. God had other plans. 

 I encourage painting for all ages. Painting can relief life’s daily stress and anxiety and it also encourages Creativity, assist with fine motor skills and promotes sensory development for those with autism. 

Its a blessings to be able to utilize my platform and company to host meaningful events Centered around canvas painting. Our Canvas and Conversation events bring awareness, encourage networking  and empowerment to the community.